Return & Refund Policy

Any items purchased without any personalized engravings or markings can be returned to us for an exchange or full refund, not including the cost of shipping. Items must be returned in the same condition and packaging that they were received. We only accept returns within the first 2 weeks of receiving your items and products must be in their original packaging.

Orders that have been personalized, custom designed, engraved, or marked are not eligible for returns. If items are incorrect and approved, we will look after the error quickly, but must do so at your expense.

To start processing a return, please contact us via email at or by phone (780) 438-3266.

Customer supplied products/goods that are left for marking/engraving at Columbia Awards

It is the policy of Columbia Awards that they are not responsible for nicks, scrapes, scratches, dents, breaks, or any other form of damage to any item that is left in their possession that has not been purchased at Columbia Awards as part of my current order.

When bringing items to Columbia Awards you will indemnify, and hold harmless Columbia Awards, it’s affiliates, associates, owners and employees for any damage, misengraving, misspelling of engraving, misplacement of engraving on any item I have left in their possession to be engraved.

Columbia Awards will, in the event of any damage, misengraving, misspelling of engraving, misplacement of engraving, refund the cost of the engraving or marking only.